Buy Eyeglasses and Sunglasses for men, women and kids online in India

Eyezoomers proudly presents a wide range of collections for eyeglasses and sunglasses at the most affordable price with no compromise in quality. Keeping a close watch on the current fashion, one can find their best choice of eyeglasses and sunglasses with their favorite color, style and shape. Eyezoomers will always have the best deals and great discounts to make your purchase even more affordable.

The eyewear products you get at Eyezoomers.com

Eyeglasses : At Eyezoomers, one can order eyeglasses with or without prescription lenses. You can find a wide range of stylish, elegant and colorful eyeglasses at most affordabe prices for men, women and kids. We have collection of acetate, metallic and titanium material frames.
Sunglasses : Look hot like never before with awesome collection of polarized sunglasses with UV protection for men and women only on eyezoomers.com. You can find great discounts on polarized sunglasses which make it the most affordable purchase for you. What are you waiting for? Make your style statement today.

The variety of lenses you get at Eyezoomers.com

Single Vision Lenses : This is a single powered type of lens either for reading(near) or distance(far). You can find the best quality single vision lenses with anti-glare coating and also which are ultra thin to make the lens lighter for higher powers.
Polycarbonate Lenses : This type of lens is recomended for higher powers which makes the lens lighter, thinner and much stronger than more variety of lens. This will be a best choice for active adults and kids with higher powers.
Photochrmatic Lenses : This is a special kind of lens which becomes darker when exposed to UV light and lightens when indoor. Photochromatic lenses are ideal for people with light sensityvity, frequent travellers who are exposed to harsh UV light frequently.
Bifocal Lenses : This type of lens has dual power, that is both reading(near) and distance(far) in a single lens. Bifocal lens contains a half moon shape cut which bifurcates the far and near lenses. Even this lens comes with anti-glare, polycarbote and photochromatic lenses.
Progressive Lenses : This is a special type of lens which is similar to bi-focal lenses where both reading(near) and distance(far) are present in single lens. But the main difference is that there is no half moon shape cut visible in progressive lens. There will be a gradual progression of power from reading to mid power and then finally to distance power. Hence it becomes an obvious choice for the people who look for more comfort. Progressive lens can also made of poly carbonate and photchromatic lenses.
Digital Blue Cut Lenses : Are you using computer for long hours every? Are your eyes straining watching these screens? Then digital blue cut lens is the best choice. It blocks the blue light in the spectrum coming out of the digital screens from reaching your eyes.

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