Eyezoomers.com, a Zoomers Solutions Pvt Ltd Venture, is primarily for eye-Care for everyone. Not many afford eye wear even if it's need is indespensible. We care by making cost factor accessible to all needy.

Our Brand iZoom

It's blissful because it's 100% made in India and heartful because it is made to 100% perfection preciesly with genuine materials and lens.we,eye-zoomers, have started iZoom brand with sole intension that every Indian eye is Hale and healthy. 

Variety ,beauty , colour, design make your selection easy.

Coming Next

Sunglasses, prescription-sunglasses, contact lens are our next dream project to cater our service to even such special class of people.we have designed spectacles keeping in mind of your genuine feeling to look gorgeous/ handsome.

Our Other Services

We understand that India is going digital. Most of us have access to internet and can purchase a pair of eyeglasses online or offline. But we believe there are millions who are in need of a vision correction and aren't able to get the right people at right place and at right time. DHRUSHTI FOR ALL, an eyezoomers.com initiative has started working towards that. Be it a remote village, schools, big factories we can reach there and do an end to end eye screening for the mass and provide eyeglasses of a great quality at a very low cost. You can contact us for an eyecamp at your place anywhere in Karnataka(First target state to start). Drop in your requirement in Contact Us section.

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